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Hai sa traim intr-o comuna ! (sau intr-un kibbutz!)

Nu-mi plac blogurile unde gasesc multe posturi cu filmulete de pe youtube sau cu lyrics. Nu citesc posturile alea si, uneori, renunt sa mai arunc vreodata un ochi pe blog.
In postul asta exact asta voi face. Voi posta versurile unor melodii: Doctor Paul Overture a formatiei Faine Jade si Village of Etaf a formatie Victoria .
1. Faine Jade. Cred ca nu ai mai auzit de formatia asta. Nu-i asa ? E o formatie hippie din anii 60-70. Cat de hippie era ? Uite cat 🙂 :

Versurile lor imi plac pentru mesajul clar, anti-sistem, cu adevarat hippie. De obicei, mesajul versurilor hippie e de genul “hai sa fumam iarba to expand our consciousness, sa ne iubim, sa fim liberi, sa traim in natura etc.”. Ma gandesc la Jefferson Airplane acum. Si mai sunt si versurile formatiilor mici, acum uitate, necomerciale, cu mesaj marxist. Doctor Paul renunta la profit, face munca voluntara, se ingrijeste benevol de sanatatea altora, ia de la fiecare cat poate si da fiecaruia dupa nevoi.

Doctor Paul, he don’t take no money
From them that don’t have none to give
You ask me how does he live
I don’t know but he does

Always there if ever you need him
He never hands you a line
He’ll always get there on time
I don’t know how he does
So much

Here’s to Doctor Paul
He’s the last one of his kind
When that selfish feeling gets me
I’ve got Doctor Paul on my mind

Sis calls, and history maker
He doesn’t have foolish pride
It seems he’s got nothing to hide
I hope that I’m that way

Spends his profits on someone’s prescription
His wife works in a factory
She’s twice as happy as he
She loves him ’cause he tries
So hard

Here’s to Doctor Paul
He’s the last one of his kind
When that selfish feeling gets me
I’ve got Doctor Paul on my mind


Alte melodii in genul asteia ar mai fi: Velvet Night – If I Were a Carpenter si acum :
2. Victoria cu Village of Etaf. Da-i click pe link pentru a o asculta pe youtube. Sau uite mai jos:

Versurie desciu o utopie asemenea celei descrise de John Lennon in Imagine. Nu-i dau link ca stii despre ce e vorba si (come on) sigur o ai pe calc sau o poti gasi repede.


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Psychedelia bands I found on DC. Victoria.

1. O formatie numita Victoria, cu un singur album, omonim. Un fel de folk psychedelic, care aduce a ceva intre Jefferson Airplane (mai tuned off) si Mamas and The Papas. Btw: nu-mi plac kestiile gen “cu ce alta formatie seamana” dar de data asta cred ca-s utile analogiile, avand in vedere ca e o formatie obscura si nici nu sunt prea priceput intr-ale muzicii.

Muzica grupului astuia mi-a placut, dar nu se ridica la nivelul formatiilor cu care l-am comparat (J.A., M&P). Productia e slaba (gen garage band), compozitia nu e geniala (de muzician amator asa; nu va ganditi la chitaristi cum aveau Cream, The Who etc.), versurile destul de interesante  (hippie and marxist ideology).



Last.fm are o pagina pentru numele de formatie “Victoria”, dar, din pacate, prea multe grupuri si-au luat numele asta si a iesit o harababura la http://www.last.fm/music/Victoria. Ideea e ca sub numele “Victoria” au fost inregistrate vreo 3 sau 4 formatii (inutil sa adaug, fara legatura sau asemanare muzicala intre ele): Victoria-psychedelic folk-ul despre ca vbesc eu, Victoria – o cantareata pop, Victoria – un grup pop format din 3 tipi, Victoria – o formatie de “martial-industrial” (huh ? what is that?!)…

Highlights: Peace, Ride a Rainbow si Village of Etaf, care are niste versuri foarte interesante – gasesti, printre randuri: motive hippie, ideologie marxista, “tema intoarcerii la natura” etc.

O recenzie a albumului poate fi gasita aici sau citeste-o mai jos:

Reissued alongside Jungle in similarly great packaging and is to me less disappointing musically. An organ-based conceptual song cycle with mostly female vocals and a Khazad Doom/school-play vibe, has lots of good guitar but is too cheesy and uneven to live up to the hysterical hype, at least in my ears. Some horns, nice amateur vocals, and a confused mix of westcoast, eastcoast and teen drama. The outstanding closing track sounds like Strawberry Alarmclock’s “World’s on fire” with female vocals. Worth hearing, and despite reservations a must for fans of female psychrock bands. [PL]
Band leader Greg Ruban found himself three capable young ladies to back him on his homemade musical fantasy. Greg himself is a pretty unusual guy… a professional volleyball player who at 6’6″ was still playing into his 50’s. Warning: Honky Hornaphobics Beware… this LP does make use of the dreaded horn section on 2-3 cuts and not necessarily always in a good way. Side 1 starts off with “Peace” a nice garagey ballad with echoey female vocals, spooky organ and those dang horns which will be hard to overcome for the average horn hater. “Cumberland” is even more low key with those cool echoey female vox and a Wendy & Bonnie feel but more amateurish. Cut #3 is fantastic… “Gevaro” starts off like a Santana style jammer but actually gets a little Middle East vibe going… killer fuzz guitar and the dreaded horns but they’re buried on this track and a very bizarre drum solo (I like the “style” of this female drummer). This is for the most part, an instrumental. “Ride A Rainbow” starts off like a lost Hendrix cut but quickly gets into a female vocal track about Wizards & Dragons & Incense & Stuff. Nice guitar break and bass line. I have to admit that I can’t think of another female psych band that are as tight as this one (no pun intended all you perverts) and Greg Ruban’s guitar really cuts through the smoke with a classic psych sound. “Never Knew The Blues” slows the pace again with a great organ sound and cool low key wah-wah pedal guitar… this is probably my favorite cut on the LP and is what I always hoped the Jade Stone & Luv LP sounded like. Last cut on side 1 is a throwaway… a lame attempt at AM Top 40 drivel with horns from hell. Side Two is a totally different trip. Two long cuts starting with the 12 minute+ “Village Of Etaf”. Imagine an East Coast version of CA Quintet’s “Trip Thru Hell” done by three chicks influenced by Joan Baez and a second rate Herb Alpert & The Marijuana Brass. The only redeeming thing about this track is the effects used in the last 4 minutes that do indeed remind me of a “Trip Thru Hell”. The final cut is probably the highlight for most owners of this LP. “Core Of The Apple” is an upbeat, fuzz guitar 8 minute killer with that same Middle East feel that we caught a glimpse of on side one. Overview: The good cuts are GREAT but the lesser cuts really bring this LP down a notch or two. In the world of female psych bands this may still be one of the best. Greg recorded a bunch of material in the late 60’s and early 70’s and one day maybe another one of his LP’s, the demo-only pressing “Nickels & Dimes”, will see the light of day. [RH]

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