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Cum e sa iei o gluma in serios

Cautam porcarii pe youtube si am gasit asta. Dupa ce am vazut cateva fragmente din UHF, vreau sa vad mai mult, ba nu – vreau sa vad tot. TOT! Weird Al rules. RULES !

Cum e sa iei o gluma in serios ? Am citit in comentariul asta, uite cum:

Honestly, this is such terrible commercial. I find it hard to believe this place is still in business. I can’t believe people are this gullible. Could you imagine getting a spatula for Chirstmas? Man, I would be disappointed


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3 Responses

  1. daianara says:

    Oh lol. Ai vazut Conan The Librarian? 😆 Si da, the internet is full of idiots. Like more proof was needed.

  2. Conan the Librarian rules ! 🙂

  3. daianara says:

    Eu imi aduc aminte acum de “Who’s fat?!”. 😆

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